6th Grade Supply List


Folder, Pencils, Lined Paper, Highlighters


Folder with prongs in middle, Lined Paper, Pencils, Highlighters,

Note Cards, red pens


Pencils, Two Pocket Folder

7th and 8th Grade Supply List

Piketon Jr. High School 7th and 8th grade supply list

 ·         3 ring binders-1 inch hardcover

o    7th Grade Math

o    7th Grade Science (binder or folder)

o    8th Grade Social Studies

o    8th Grade Science (binder or folder)

·         Plastic 3 prong 2 pocket folder

o    7th grade ELA (Moore only)

o    8th grade ELA

o    8th grade Mr. Taylor

·         Highlighters

·         Expo markers

·         1 pack Colored pencils

·         Pencils (enough for everyday use in every class)

·         Notebook paper (enough for everyday use in every class)

·         1 pair of earbuds compatible with Chromebooks

·         Face masks


·         Not required but suggested

·         Extra pencil top erasers

·         Extra pencils

·         Extra notebook paper