Mr. Jared Williams Class

American Government/History

This class will examine major events in American History from
1870 to today.


Advanced Government

In Advanced Government, students will learn about the current state of America as well as events happening around the world. Students will learn how to debate with their peers about important issues in order to become contributing members of our wonderful republic.

Current Lesson: Declaration of Independence

Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.

George Washington  


Drawing of early American Revolution

1st: American History
2nd: American History
3rd: Conference
4th: Cold War America
5th: Lunch
6th: Advanced Government
7th: The Wild, Wild West
8th: Advanced Government

20th Century American Topics

Photo of Reagan with Gorbachev

This class examines America's involvement in the Cold War. Students will learn the background to the Cold War as well the events and struggles that led to a peaceful outcome in one of the most dangerous political and military rivalries in the history of the world.

1st Nine Weeks: Cold War Origins-Cuban Missile Crisis
2nd Nine Weeks: Vietnam-George H.W. Bush


This Freshman level class will examine the tall tales, legends and truth of the Wild West and its impact on American History and Culture.

Historical Photos of American History