Mrs. Day's Class


Welcome to Ms. Day's English I class!  My class is composed of reading fiction and non-fiction, learning how to write proficiently, and presenting information/research effectively.

Important Information:

The Year at a Glance:

Literature (Reading): Short Stories, Non-Fiction, Drama (Romeo and Juliet), and Poetry

Grammar: Eight Parts of Speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.), Clauses, and Phrases

Writing: Journals, Short Stories (coming of age story), Poems, and a Argumentative Essay

Vocabulary: Learning Through Context Activities with Each Story and Five Spelling/Vocab Tests during Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet painting


  1. Pay attention. You are never allowed to sleep.

  2. Be prepared. Always have paper, pencil, homework, and your book.

  3. Show respect to your classmates, your teacher, and everyone’s things. Please do not touch anyone’s belongings unless you get permission. Always be polite.

  4. Asking twice does not change the answer.


These are the consequences for breaking the rules. Any serious behavioral issues will be handled in the office. All misbehaviors are recorded. You will have the opportunity to start over every nine weeks.

1st Offense = Warning
2nd Offense = Conference
3rd Offense = Conference and Detention
4th Offense = Call Home, Conference, and Detention
5th Offense = Sent to the Office

Homework Policy

All make-up work is located in the back of the room. Complete the work and turn it in the next day. If you miss more than one day, you have as many days to make it up as you missed. For instance, if you miss two days you have two days to complete the work. Give make-up work directly to me.

Late Work Policy

One day late = ½ Credit

Keep up with homework assignments because they will not be accepted more than a day late unless the assignment has a high point value.

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