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Mrs. Amy Burkitt's Class

Mrs. Amy Burkitt

Email:       [email protected]
Phone:      (740)289-2254 ext. 11201
Twitter:     @MrsABurkitt


      Hello!  I'm Mrs. Burkitt, and I teach 7th grade Keyboarding and 9th grade Leadership at Piketon Junior/Senior High School.  This is my 22nd year of teaching, having spent ten years in gifted education for the Ross-Pike E.S.D. before joining the Scioto Valley staff, first teaching 5th grade Math and now 7th grade Keyboarding and 9th grade Leadership.  I LOVE teaching and look forward to working with your child this year!  I'm a proud product of the Scioto Valley Local School system; so I have been, am, and always will be proud to be a Piketon Redstreak!


Classroom Rule…

Respect yourself (do your best; try your hardest; be motivated), others (offer respect and compassion; avoid fighting/arguing; be helpful), and all belongings (use computers properly; treat supplies with care; be neat) at all times (24/7, 365¼...even though that’s not all school time J). 


Grading Scale…

I utilize a weighted grading scale as follows:

·        50% Projects & Tests (WPMs, PowerPoint projects, etc.) 

·        25% Independent Work (weekly bellwork quizzes)

·        15% Group Work (monthly tech team challenges)

·        10% Homework (weekly two-sided page)


Positive Reinforcement…

I believe wholeheartedly in positive reinforcement and praise—we all like to hear when we’re doing well!

·        Our “Spec’tech’ular Work” board is for recognizing student achievement; students collect stickers for earning A’s, B’s, or C’s on quizzes.  When a row of stickers is filled, the student gets to choose an item out of the “Prize Patrol” basket; when an entire sheet is filled, the student receives an extra prize! 

·        Our “Cookie Commentary” boards are for recognizing positive student behaviors; when a dozen positive behavior comments are accumulated, the class earns cookies

·        Our “Top Ten Typists of the Week” area recognizes student keyboarding skills based on speed and accuracy.  Each listing earns a student a “Tech Token,” which is entered into a quarterly drawing for a RISE PRIZE PARTY, where 24 winners are drawn who receive treat bags, drinks, prize of his/her choice and free RISE period on the computers. 

·        Finally, our “Homework Heroes” board will track homework completion by class; the winning class (with the highest percentage of homework completed) each quarter earns a “Free Friday”--i.e. no homework or bellwork for that week! 



No special supplies are required of students for this class; however, students are expected to always have a pencil ready.  I supply student folders because I want each class to have a particular color, and I provide a small computer supply basket at each station.   



Our textbook is by Glencoe and titled, Keyboarding Connections:  Projects and Applications.  Textbooks will remain in the classroom on stands by each computer.  As with any textbook, students are asked to treat them (and the plastic stands upon which they are placed) with care.



Upon entering the classroom, your child will have daily bellwork.  Each day, Monday through Thursday, a technology term will be spelled, defined, and used in a sentence.  A weekly thought/quotation and grammar lesson will also be shared and discussed.  This bellwork paper will be kept in your child’s folder here in the classroom until Thursday, when it’s completed and may be brought home for review.  Each Friday, we’ll take a quick “quiz” over these four tech terms, the thought/quote and grammar that we’ve discussed for the week. 



To add a dimension of responsibility to the classroom, your child has a single two-sided homework sheet dealing with Word Ladders each week.  This homework is placed in a tray on the front table of the classroom each Monday (or first day of the week if we’re out for a holiday).  It is due by Friday.  Your child may take it from the folder whenever he or she would like.  We will check homework on Fridays, and then students will use the terms from the homework sheet as a keyboarding assignment dealing with speed and accuracy.  A student’s homework grade is based on completion of the homework on time, not correct answers or the keyboarding portion of it. 



We will be starting the year with pre-testing, and then focus on keyboarding.  Specifically, we’ll begin with the home-row keys and progress from there, emphasizing speed and accuracy.  Our first Daily Bellwork and Weekly Homework will begin during our first full week of school; along with establishing our Tech Teams for monthly technology-based, in-class group work challenges.  As the year progresses, your child will complete projects using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.  The topics or content of these projects will link to standards your child is covering in Language Arts, Math, Science, and/or Social Studies in hopes of providing further review.   


Once again, let me say I am thrilled to be teaching your child!  If you ever have any questions about your child’s work or progress, please don’t hesitate to call...PHS (740)289-2254 ext. 11201—my conference period is 7th period from 12:27 - 1:10 P.M. daily.   I’m looking forward to a fabulous school year!  Hope you are, too! J



The main objective of this course is to improve the character and leadership skills of students, thus encouraging them to be positive role models here at PHS. Students will be immersed in the study of 18 commonly-valued traits…they will read, write, and think about these traits on a daily basis.  The class format is as follows:

Ethical Monday (here we go!)

      The trait of the week is introduced, defined, discussed and #JediMindTricked. You will also be given your weekly homework assignment of a two-paragraph “chapter” designating and explaining your personal role model for the week (this is due by Friday of each week).

Role Model Tuesday (these folks rock!)

      Studying the role model of the week begins…you will view some clips of the role model and read the chapter; then complete an open-book quiz for a grade.

Character Movie Wednesday (who's bringing popcorn?)

      Each character trait has a designated movie from which we’ll be viewing clips (no, we can’t watch entire movies in one period). You will complete a movie review sheet to discuss the clips’ applications to the trait, and I may provide snacks.

Leadership Thursday (it's always a great day to be a Piketon Redstreak!)

      A guest speaker will visit our classroom most weeks (some traits have an activity that takes the place of the guest speaker). You are expected to be on your best behavior when these guests are in our classroom; you are expected to be polite, active listeners. You will complete a guest speaker form to summarize his/her visit at the completion of his/her presentation.

Wrap It Up Friday (tie up all loose ends!)

      First, you’ll turn in your 2-paragraph personal role model chapter/homework. Then we’ll meet in Movie Review groups to discuss and summarize the movie clips viewed on Wednesday. We’ll take a few minutes for a final reflection on the weekly trait; and then any extra time is to be spent on your Tweetin’ Traits project, your binder organization, or any make-up work you may have.

Our textbook is titled, Role Models: Examples of Character & Leadership by Joseph M. Hoedel, Ph.D.  Textbooks are paperback, which means they will need to be treated with extra-special care (pleaseJ).
Students will need a large 3-ring binder (2” suggested). Students will also be expected to have a pencil to use daily.

Grading Scale…

I utilize a weighted grading scale as follows:

=         40%    Projects & Tests                    

o   Entrance/Exit Surveys                                                        10 points

You will complete a survey at the beginning of the course and again at the end of the course. Completion of these surveys is worth 10 points each. Your honest opinions/answers are to be shared.    

o   Tweetin’ Traits                                                                      50 points

You are required to find examples of the character traits we’re studying and tweet about them (either actually on Twitter OR on a paper-and-pencil version). Tweets could include a shout-out to someone who exemplified the trait, a deep thought you have about the trait, a picture you’ve captured that examples the trait somehow, etc.; retweets could include a quote about the trait, a story about the trait, an event that you feel involves the trait, etc. (of course, everyone cannot simply retweet the same thing…they must be different). Use the hashtag #cdlphs so I can find and score yours easily.  You must tweet about any 10 of the 18 traits with each tweet being worth 5 points (10 x 5 = 50). The tweet must occur during the week in which we are covering the specified trait. 

o   Course Binder                                                                      60 points

You are required to save ALL FULL-PAGE PAPERS from this course and assemble them into a binder (see the separate sheet explaining the organization of this project).  

=         35%    Independent Work              

o   Weekly Open-Book Role Model Quizzes                        10 points

You will complete a 5-6 question open-book quiz pertaining to the role model of the week as we read and discuss each chapter; Week 18—Character is the only week that you will not complete this type of quiz.

o   Weekly Personal Role Model Chapter Writing               10 points

You will write a two-paragraph “chapter” of your own selecting YOUR example of a role model for the week’s character trait. Your role models may include personal folks (parents, friends, family, coaches, etc.), famous folks (actors, athletes, politicians, musicians, etc.), historical folks (Presidents, explorers, etc.)...alive folks...dead folks...whatevs, folks. Each very brief chapter needs to include the following:

=         Paragraph #1:

o    Role model bio

o    name, occupation, life story, etc.

=         Paragraph #2:

o    Reason for selection

o    In what ways does this person exemplify the given trait?

o    Give specific evidence.

=         Both Paragraphs:

o    At least 3-5 complete (strong/fluffy) sentences

o    Proper grammar/punctuation/spelling/paragraph format

o   Reflective and sincere         

=         25%    Group Work              

o   Moral Amigos Discussions/Activities/Responses          15 points

After every 3 character traits, you will earn 15 group work points IF you actively participated in the activities, readings, assignments, discussions, etc. for those traits.

If you ever have any questions aboutstudent work or progress, please don’t hesitate to call...PHS (740)289-2254 extension 11201. 

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."    ~John Maxwell 

Mrs. Burkitt

Keyboarding...Students are working on mastering the keyboard with speed and accuracy.  We began with our home-row keys and are progressing from there.  Daily Bellwork, Weekly Homework, Weekly WPM Tracking, and Monthly Tech Team Challenges are all underway.

Leadership...18 Traits: Attitude, Preparation, Perseverance, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Appreciation, Composure, Empathy, Gratitude, Tolerance, Sacrifice, Loyalty, Responsibility, Compassion, Leadership, Character

PHS Welcome Committee

Welcome Committee

Piketon Junior/Senior High School has formed a “Welcome Committee” for the 2018-2019 school year to offer hospitality and support to new students attending PHS. Being “the new kid” in a new school can be a somewhat stressful and uneasy time for a student at first; through the work of this committee, each new student to PHS will, hopefully, feel more comfortable and glad to be a Redstreak!

PHS Walking Club

The WALKING REDstreaks is a new club formed at PHS for the 2018-2019 school year! We meet every Monday during RISE to try to walk a 15-minute mile! Go walkers! 

All Cheerleaders' Night

All Cheer

 We celebrated our 21st Annual All Cheerleader's Night. The theme was "Bad to the Bow," and all squads cheered their hearts out!

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