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Graduation Ceremony 2020 

An updated letter with additional information and more specifics on the graduation ceremony will be mailed out on May 7th.  The information is listed below. 

Dear Seniors and Parents,

We are approximately one week out from graduation!  Congratulations on this exciting achievement.  We recognize that this is not the ceremony and event you planned for or even dreamed of, and we share your disappointment that the usual format for our graduation cannot happen this year.  However, we think that the ceremony we have planned will be a unique and special way to recognize each senior based upon the situation and requirements that we are under.

The purpose of my letter today is to provide you with some final plans for the ceremony.  As you know, we will be doing a drive-in style graduation, which will allow our student speakers to present their speeches to the class, each member of the class to be recognized and receive their scroll, and for the class to be together in the entirety for one last time.  The rough details of this plan were sent home last Friday (May 1), as well as posted on the school website.

The specific information I am providing today includes more specifics about the ceremony, arrival time and parking instructions, as well as how each student will receive their scroll during the ceremony.

The parking information is as follows:

  1.       The parking lot will be open at 4pm on Sunday, May 17th, which is one hour prior to the ceremony.  There will be NO advance parking or early arrivals allowed.  Parking will be first come/first serve and will not be based upon alphabetical order.  Please know that the entrance to the school will not be open until 4pm.
  2.       You MUST bring the parking pass that was sent out in the prior mailing.  Failure to bring the parking pass will prevent you from entering school grounds and participating in the ceremony.  We will NOT have extra passes available at the gate. 
  3.       The vehicle you bring to the ceremony must be street legal.  No ATVs, trailers, hay wagons, etc.  A car, van, truck, etc. are all acceptable.  No trailers will be permitted.  In the case of pick-up trucks, no passengers will be allowed to ride in the bed.  All individuals attending must be in the cab of the truck.
  4.       Remember that you are allowed ONE vehicle per student, except in the case of separated or divorced parents.  The passengers in the vehicle MUST include the graduating student.  Any additional vehicles that have not been given a parking pass will be turned away at the entrance to the school.  In the instance that an additional pass is needed for divorced/separated parents, obtaining an additional pass must be done BEFORE May 15th.  We will not provide passes on the day of graduation.
  5.       You MUST remain in YOUR vehicle.  No one is permitted to move between vehicles, trade vehicles, or gather outside of your vehicle.  You may stand outside and next to your vehicle temporarily while your graduate is being announced to improve your line of sight, but once your graduate is announced, you need to re-enter your vehicle.

The ceremony information will be as follows (starting at approximately 5pm):

1)      We will have our usual introductions of the Board of Education, the superintendents of Scioto Valley Schools and the Pike County Career Technology Center, and Mr. Reuter.

2)      Each student speaker will be introduced, at which time that student should exit their vehicle and proceed to the stage to give their speech.  TWO parents or passengers in their car may proceed to the designated area in front of the parking lot to take a photograph of their child speaking if they wish. At the conclusion of their speech, both the student and photographer will immediately return to and re-enter their vehicle.

3)      When it comes time for the introduction of graduates, all graduates will exit their vehicles and remain standing next to them.  Mr. Reuter will be calling forth students in groups to receive their scrolls, 10 students at a time.  You will receive a card when you arrive that has a number on it.  That number will correspond with the group you will be called forward in.  Each member of the group will have a clearly marked area in which they will stand to receive their diploma.  Once all members of the group have proceeded to this designated location, each graduate will have their name read and will be presented with their scroll.

4)      When students are called forward, they may bring TWO individuals with them to a designated area for photography.  This area will be directly across from each graduate so that the individuals taking photos can have a clear line of vision.  In addition, Mrs. Crothers will also be photographing the graduates during the ceremony.

5)      Once all members of the group have received their diplomas, each student and the individual(s) taking photos will return to and re-enter their vehicles.

6)      At the conclusion of the ceremony, Mr. Reuter will present the entire class and conduct the turning of the tassels.  At this point, graduates should step out and stand next to their cars until the tassel is turned and then re-enter their vehicle.

Following the ceremony (approximately 6-6:20pm):

At the conclusion of the ceremony, we will be celebrating the graduates by holding a parade of cars through town.  The entire village will be invited to come outside on their porches and in their yards to cheer and celebrate the kids.  This parade of cars will be led by members of the Piketon police department and buses from our school district fleet.  This is an optional parade, and an alternative exit will be available if you choose not to participate.  Police and staff will guide you in the proper direction at the end of the ceremony.

Once we have completed the ceremony, attendees will be asked to leave the facility by either participating in the parade or by alternative exits.  There will be no congregating or gathering permitted on school grounds after the ceremony.  We apologize for this, but the requirements put forth by the state prohibit us from allowing mass gatherings beyond the graduation ceremony.

Again, we understand your disappointment at having a non-traditional ceremony, but we look forward to creating this new memory with you on May 17th and celebrating this momentous occasion.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or by email.

We look forward to seeing you on the 17th!


Todd Peitz, Senior Class Advisor                                              Jeffrey P. Reuter, High School Principal





 Letter from May 1, 2020:__________________________________________________________________________________

This letter, a parking diagram and parking pass has been mailed to all seniors on Friday 5/1/2020, so you should be receiving them in the next few days.


Dear Seniors and Senior Parents,

My sincere apologies that this letter has taken so long to reach you.  Due to consistent and steady changes in the requirements set forth by the Ohio Department of Education and the Governor’s office, we have been unable to finalize a graduation ceremony until very recently.  The purpose of this letter is to inform you of that plan and the procedures that will need to be followed as part of the ceremony. 

As you have probably seen on social media and the news, the Ohio Department of Education is recommending a virtual graduation ceremony.  The administration and I, however do not feel that a virtual graduation adequately provides recognition for the twelve years of work you have put forth into this achievement.  We also understand the importance of walking across the stage, receiving your diploma, and celebrating this accomplishment with your parents and classmates.  Graduating high school is an important step in the adventure of life, and we want to celebrate it as appropriately as we can based upon the requirements put forth in dealing with the current COVID-19 crisis.

As such, we will be holding a drive-in style graduation this year that involves the entire senior class at the same time.  Rather than holding the ceremony by appointment or doing a drive-thru, we feel that by using a drive-in style, we will be able to celebrate each student in the same manner as what we would during a normal ceremony, as well as hold an event that allows for all of the seniors to celebrate each other.  The graduation ceremony will be held at the originally scheduled date and time of May 17th at 5pm and will be held in the east parking lot between the new high school and the old football stadium, in front of the weight room.

The procedure will be as follows:

1)      Students will be allowed ONE car of individuals (including the senior) to attend the ceremony.

2)      Each car will enter the school grounds through the main entrance and be directed to a parking space in the east parking lot.

3)      Everyone will need to remain in their vehicle for the duration of the ceremony unless directed otherwise by an administrator or law enforcement personnel.  This also means that individuals in attendance may not switch cars or congregate outside of your vehicle.

4)      We will conduct the ceremony as close to the usual format as possible.  Senior speeches will be given in the usual manner, as well as members of the administration and Board of Education will be in attendance to help direct the ceremony and distribute scrolls to the seniors.

5)      WHEN instructed, members of the senior class will exit their vehicles and move to a predetermined spot in the front of the parking lot (with social distancing requirements met) and will have their name, their accomplishments (honors, high honors, etc.) announced, and receive their scroll.

6)      Following the announcement of their name, each student will return to their car and stand next to it until all members of the class have been introduced.  Mr. Reuter will then present the class as a

whole and conduct the traditional “turning of the tassels”. 

7)      Following the conclusion of the ceremony, all cars will be directed out of either the front entrance or the back entrance to school property to ensure a safe and consistent traffic flow.

Please understand that we are required to follow the Governor and Ohio Department of Health regulations regarding social distancing and large mass gathering rules.  As such, it is essential that spectators remain in their vehicle at all times, and that seniors (when not receiving their scroll), do so as well.  Additionally, students/parents/friends will NOT be allowed to congregate in the parking lot following the ceremony.  Once the ceremony concludes, you will need to leave the property based on directions from administration and law enforcement.

Enclosed, please find two things: 1) a diagram of the parking lot instructing how cars should be parked, the location for students to stand during scroll presentation, and a designated area for a one individual to take pictures of the graduate during the scroll presentation, and 2) a vehicle pass to enter the school grounds for the ceremony.  This pass must be presented at the main entrance to the school to gain entry for the ceremony.  This pass will also need to be displayed on your dashboard during the ceremony.

Students are instructed to wear their cap and gown for the ceremony.  This includes the red gown, their cap, the stoll, and the tassel.  We will also have a photographer available to take formal pictures of each graduate.  ALL graduates will be photographed.

In addition, the ceremony will be filmed and edited to be broadcast via social media, YouTube, and the school website so that individuals who have extended family beyond the single carload can see the ceremony.  The recorded version will include all student and administrative speakers, the presentation of each student’s scroll, and a collage containing pictures of all the seniors. 

Again, we greatly appreciate your patience during this stressful and unique time.  We understand the experiences that each senior has missed as a result of the pandemic, and hope that our ceremony will at least provide some sort of positive recognition for their efforts.  While it is not perfect, and unfortunately can’t be due to the situation and guidelines we must follow, we believe that this graduation experience will be unique and memorable to all involved. 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us.  You can reach us via phone at (740) 289-2254 or by the emails listed below.

We look forward to celebrating with you on May 17th at 5pm in the east parking lot!


Todd A. Peitz                                                    Jeffrey P. Reuter 

Senior Class Advisor                                            Principal 

                 [email protected]                   [email protected]

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