Technology Education
Welcome to the exciting class of Technology Education. Students will be learning about 8 different technologies that make our world a better place to live.


Alternative Energy

The problem of insufficient resources challenges scientists to look beyond fossil fuels for energy to power the world. Using a variety of energy production and experimentation equipment including wind power, the Sterling engine, PEM fuel cell, and a photovoltaic array, students explore current technologies in alternate energy as well as the future applications of hydrogen fuel and biomass.


Architectural Design

Students become aware of the decisions architects make each day with regard to materials, their application to the site, and their visual appeal. They work through a series of design exercises and team projects in a professional architectural environment. Architectural form modeling, combined with the use of CAD software, provide an opportunity for genuine design activities


Communications Technology

Students explore the technological aspects of digital communications and practice the scientific and engineering principles that make it possible. They perform hands on activities using fiber optics, computer networking and video conferencing. They will experiment with a variety of web-based productions using Java applications, animations, and image processing techniques.


Construction Technology

Students explore construction systems including framing, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and plot planning. Construction mathematics is emphasized using a transit and a laser level. In this Unit students understand systems thinking, and the integration of materials, labor, costs, and site management in every phase of building


Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing and production technology is a conscious exploration of the processes that take raw materials to finished goods. Student teams take their designs from concept sketches to finished products while defining the systems structure of a manufacturing enterprise. Their manufacturing process activities will use CNC equipment, plastics mold design and rapid prototyping. This IIU provides students with the opportunity to create new products of their own design.


Materials Science

Students develop an understanding of the materials and processes used to create the products they encounter every day. They’ll use, test, and process natural and synthetic materials like plastics, metals, wood composites and textiles. Using the Paxton TSB 5000 Materials Tester and other technical apparatus, student teams will explore the properties of raw and processed materials


Multimedia Production

Students learn the methods and techniques for developing interactive media. They engage in a wide range of projects using digital video equipment, multimedia development programs and the latest techniques in digital imaging


Transportation Technology

Transportation technology is the systematic movement of people and goods and its effect on society. Each system, land, sea, and air, is a group of micro-systems working together for efficiency and effectiveness. Student teams design a maglev train, use a buoyancy tank to test scale hull designs, and investigate the characteristics of wing sections in the wind tunnel. They use an aeronautics trainer to chart and execute flight operations.

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Mr. McAlister's Schedule

1st Period - (8:00-8:50) - Technology Education
2nd Period - (8:53 - 9:40) - Prep
3rd Period - (9:44 - 10:31) - Technology Education
4th /5th Period - (10:33 - 12:10) -Lunch Duty/ Lunch ISS. 
6th Period - (11:57 - 12:43) - Lunch
7th Period - (12:46 - 1:34) - Technology Education
8th Period - (1:38 - 2:28)- Technology Education


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